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The vision of Angel Music Studios is to see human beings take flight.
Love in the form of teaching music will encourage people to be themselves and begin journeying towards  a new way of being through  song and music-making.

Our Vision

For parents involved it means

  • clear and available communication with Angel Music Studios (ESL OK)  about

  • lesson deliverables and expectations

  • schedule planning

  • practice incentives

  • teaching philosophy and psychology

  • new scientific discoveries

  • concert news

  • workshops, festivals and exams

  • their child’s progress and much more. 

For young or beginning students this means


  • discovering and disciplining their mind in cooperation with their  fingers on the keyboard

  • becoming aware of their voice in coordination with their breath

  • opening their ears to pitch, harmony and rhythm

  • exploring their creativity and responsiveness

  • gaining confidence to learn and practice on their own

  • sharing their enjoyment of music with others.



For mature or advanced students this means

  • honing skills

  • establishing or reestablishing a musical identity

  • refining and achieving  goals

  • developing another part of themselves

  • being role models

  • preparing for service in the music field





Our Mission 

To provide high quality individual or small group music lessons by certified professionals who organize lessons, workshops, performance opportunities, mentorship, festival competitions, exams, recitals and auditions targeted to the growth potential and goals of particular students studying piano, voice, theory, composition, performance and teaching.

Professionally Invested

in building professional connections, in student success, in theories of learning, in online platforms, in piano pedagogy, in the music world in Greater Vancouver and beyond, in the  academic world, in vocal pedagogy and performance
Fortuitous, Flexible and Feasible
one stop voice, piano and theory, optional lessons in own home or AMS home studio,  all levels and ages, individually tailored programs, accredited pathways, workshops and free performance opportunities
My pedagogy is research and performance-based,
interdependently helping students to acquire skills, discover and develop themselves, heal, perform, share, and build a future learning or career trajectory

Our Core Values 

Competence development model
Our Skills Development Model



Free Consultation

Message me below to schedule a free 15-minute Skype or phone conversation to see if we would be a good fit. Feel free to share your or your child’s passion, strengths and struggles and explore potential new goals.

Free Consultation

Take Flight With Angel Music Studios

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