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New Student Inquiry

Student Information and Registration

Angel Music Studios is a studio for all ages and levels. We work with your talent and help you set goals and reach them step by step with heart, technique and opportunity. From individual voice and piano instruction, recitals and festivals, to group singing classes for adults and workshops for children and teens, Angel Music Studios serves a variety of ages and levels suited to your schedule. Music rewards all those who seek both its pleasures and disciplines.


Angel Music Studios is registering new students for September 2023.   Lessons run on a monthly or seasonal basis, with the first season in the fall from September-December, and the second from January-June and an optional summer schedule in July and August. Registrations are accepted throughout the year, but the best time is before each semester starts. To start the registration process, please download the registration form and studio operations policy found below.


Angel Music Studios is generally accommodating to anyone who wants to begin music lessons at any time. Please download the registration form and studio operations policy below.



Angel Music Studios Students

"At Angel Music Studios we create learning experiences which enable students to become interdependent artists, inspire parents to be healthy advocates and gather communities to support and encourage music-making."

-Angelina Van Dyke

New students can look forward to:

  • performing favourite pieces with heightened ability

  • exploring new music

  • becoming beauty- and truth-oriented

  • developing artistic sensitivity

  • finding courage to share unique voice

  • interpreting music creatively

  • expanding cognitive awareness and facility

  • growing in grace and self-awareness

  • learning history, psychology and biology in connection to music training

  • cultivating discipline and mental focus in a distracted post-digital age

  • becoming an interdependent learner

  • connecting to a community of music lovers

  • sharing music to inspire and enrich others

  • playing music for pleasure and joy

  • some becoming music teachers who develop their own studio business and career path



Here at Angel Music Studios, we understand parents’ desire that their children develop their creative gifts with musical training. Our approach rests on these core human values:

  • finding delight in music

  • developing technical understanding and ability

  • cultivating the heart of children to know their own creative drives

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates.
The great teacher inspires."

William Arthur Ward



I am pleased with my daughter's progress over the years with festival performances, sight reading and composition skills. Piano practicing and lesson times are never a bore!


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