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What Parents are Saying


"I am pleased with my daughter's progress over the years with festival performances, sight reading and composition skills.  Piano practicing and lesson times are never a bore!"


What an incredible blessing for us as parents to have our daughter be a part of the Concerto Stars. To know that she was getting an experience of a lifetime and that it would encourage her in her love of the piano was very special to us, let alone the excitement of watching her play on stage with an orchestra! The whole process was very well organized and professionally done. We are very grateful to Angelina and all who were involved in the BCRMTA to make this happen.





Voice and Piano Students


"Thanks for being my teacher.  I've enjoyed all my classes with you."





"Thank you for teaching me how to enjoy music and praise God with it! It is a joy to be your student!"


- Hannah


"Thank you for all you do to help me get better in my piano.  I appreciate it!"




I loved the experience! It was incredible to have the opportunity of playing with an orchestra in front of a large number of people! I learned so much from the auditions, the recitals, and the rehearsals. And having a piece for so many months taught me much about different aspects of the piece and the phases of performance that must be overcome. I am so thankful that God let me be a part of this fantastic event and I hope others will

be as thrilled with this opportunity as I have been.





Voice Coaching


"I had taken voice lessons from Angelina in 2009-2010 a little over a year during which I progressed and learned a lot. Due to busy family and work life I stopped lessons at the end of 2010. About late March 2015 I was preparing for 2 solo pieces in my choir' concert. They were pieces I knew well , Mozart's Laudate Dominum and Faure's Pie Jesu. Deceptively difficult to sing well as I was to find out. With 7 days before the concert date I was in despair as I knew I would embarrass myself and others . It was bad.  In my 4-5 year off lessons I had picked up some bad habits. In desperation I phoned Angelina and begged her to help me even though I had not seen her in over 4 years. Angelina was kind and gracious and generous. I got a crash course and intense coaching in 5 of the 7 days left before the concert. 4 days before the concert and 2 lessons in, I still sucked but was getting a little better. I ploughed on and saw Angelina everyday in the 3 days leading up to concert day. I worked very hard and improved steadily . On concert day everything went really great! I pulled it off thanks hugely to Angelina."

–Ursula Lee 

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