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Happy 2018 from Angel Music Studios

Happy New Year from Angel Music Studios! I am looking forward to another year of lessons, workshops, exams, festivals, performances, and recitals with you.

Our June recital will be on Friday, June 15th, and we plan to stage an Opera Theatre Gala featuring solos, scenes and duets from choice operas and musical theatre. This year the NATS Student Auditions are coming up quickly on January 20. Spring festivals of note are Vancouver Songfest from May 5-6, the Classical Singing Vocal Competition in Boston from May 24-27, the Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival from April 9-30, (register by Jan 22) the Kiwanis Fraser Valley International Festival in late April and early May (register by Feb 6), and the BC Conservatory of Music Festival from May 1-26. If any of these festivals interest you, notify me by your second lesson in January for registration. Practical RCM Exams in June must be registered by March 6. Summer exams in August have a June 5th registration deadline.

Our first workshop will focus on solos and duets on Saturday February 17th from 4-5pm. Our second workshop will be on Saturday, April 21st, focusing on the Kiwanis Music Festival and other Competitions. Our final workshop on Saturday, June 2nd will prepare for Opera Theatre Gala and Recital on June 15th, and for exams (June 4-23).

I look forward to serving you this year. If you are thinking of joining the winter and spring session halfway, do let me know. Life can be busy, but music always makes it better!

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